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EQUIPE JEAN PAIN was created in 1980 by Etienne Bonvallet technical collaborator and nephew of Jean PAIN, to develop the work of Jean Pain in composting and utilization of forest residues from the maintenance and exploitation of the forest .

The first mission of EQUIPE JEAN PAIN was to make a chipper (shredder) able of producing a mash suitable for the production of compost from lignocellulosic materials.
In 1981, EQUIPE JEAN PAIN PAIN realizes the SUPER-900that can reduce into thin chips all wood products, from twig to branches over 20 cm diameter.
This chipped material, free of splinter (big piece), sawdust or pulp, allows the realization of Jean PAIN compost without requiring multiple reversals, re grinding or screening.

Over the years, the range proposed by EQUIPE JEAN PAIN is expanding down by the creation of chippers SUPER-PAIN 280, 450 and 600, and up through the realization of SUPER-PAIN 1300 and 1700.
EQUIPE JEAN PAIN found that in all cases the regularity of the chipped material is respected and that due to its unique chipping device, it is possible to size the chipping unit according with the product size, without the quality of the chipped material is changed.

In 1991, EQUIPE JEAN PAIN enters the sector "Wood Energy" where, again, it is essential to produce a uniform chipped material free of any large piece detrimental to the functioning of automatic boilers with screw

To date, JEAN PAIN EQUIPE is the only company able to produce a chipper which, whatever its size, produces an uniform chipped material from branches of any size, and even from products related to primary processing mills.

Today, the quality of the chipped material allows to consider other recovery processes such as animal bedding, absorbents, or the insulation.

EQUIPE JEAN PAIN is a company that has organized in "network" surrounding itself with subcontractors and suppliers with multiple skills, allowing EQUIPE JEAN PAIN to produce material suitable for the customer's request at no additional cost, and to same cost as in the industrial sector.

Our chippers are created and made in France.