Equipe Jean PAIN
Image of a branches' chipper

Comfort of wood heating

with the automation of oil, gas or electric heating.

Everyone will agree that heating with wood has more than one advantage.
First, it is a renewable energy in full respect for the environment.
Burning wood does not release more carbon dioxide than wood in its construction may fix, it is not a fossil energy.
It does not release greenhouse gases.
Second, using wood encourages respect of forests.
It has repeatedly been shown that to preserve a forest, its purpose can't be only ecologic.
Forest MUST also have an economic value.
Every time we replace the wood with another material, acres of forest are threatened.
But so far, heating with wood required several handling which could put off the user
Now a powerful new technique is fully usable:


This method, particularily economic, is based on two complementary and essential equipments ; The automatic wood boiler and the chipper.
The automation, high combustion efficiency and the ability to burn all wood species (even those that are eliminated by the traditional wood-burning) are the three key features of the method.
The considerable reduction of handling throughout the supply chain, and the great "cleanness" of installations, are also advantages.
Totally automatic, the boiler works exactly the same way as a fuel boiler.
With and endless-screw system (the pump for a fuel boiler), the boiler dips his 'fuel' (dry chipped matter) out of a silo (the citern for the fuel boiler) according with the power needed by the heating system.
A ventilation device brings to the fire-place the exact amount of air needed.
A control device warrants the complete automatism and the security of these boilers.
according to its requirements, the boiler will set its speed, stop and start itsel, without needing the help of the user.
The only thing the user will have to do is filling the silo. Depending on the silo's volume and the season, filling will be done every three days, weekly, monthly, or only once the season.
Because of these boilers high combustion efficiency (>92%), the ash removal must be done maximum once a week.
Big or small, the chipper, used by the dry chipped material producer -or by the consumer in case of auto-production-, must respect a very homogeneous quality of the chipped material, free of any big piece which could create troubles into the feeding system of the boiler. Chips must be homogeneous in their shape, but also in their wetness -rather dryness.